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The Active National Directory Of Source Emissions Testing
U.S. EPA Clean Air Excellence Award Recipient
U.S. EPA Clean Air Excellence Award Recipient
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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Why should we add our company to is the Internet's largest reference site for stack testing services, air quality services and products, training, workshops, and networking.

    Click Here to see why so many companies have already added their
    company listing to

  • How do we add our company to

    Our easy ordering & payment process is setup online:

    1) Select a Directory
    2) Select a Listing Option

    3) Complete the Online Order Form
    ( Mail-in order forms available for every listing option)

  • How can we respond to RFPs for stack testing services?
    Order a Directory Profile

  • How soon does place our order?
    Within 3-5 business days after your order has been received.

  • What are the listing options / prices for the Stack Testing Firm Directory?
    See Stack Testing Firm Options / Prices
    Note: All listing options are placed on the Geographic Directory & include a complimentary listing on the A Thru Z Directory. To be listed on the Top Stack Testing Firms section Order the Directory Profile

  • Our company is not a stack testing firm but we sell stack testing equipment, services and products. Which Directory should get listed on? The Services & Products Directory

  • What are the listing options / prices for the Services & Products Directory?
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  • What are the listing options / prices for Air Pollution Control Systems and Equipment?
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  • How do we update our listing after it has been placed?
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  • How do we submit the artwork for our logo?
    You don't need to - we can scan your logo from your website! But if you still want to send your digital logo attached to e-mail, address it to Please include your company name in the body of the message. Logo Format: 100W x 35H Pixels, 3K Filesize Max, gif or jpeg images only, no animation. Or mail your scannable color logo to us & we'll do the rest (artwork can not be returned). Either way, will prepare your logo FREE OF CHARGE.

  • Can our company make payments in installations?'s accounting system is configured for annual billings, but we can make arrangements for special circumstances. Send your request via e-Mail to:

  • What are's advertising terms and conditions?
    For our Services Agreement Click Here ..... To see our privacy policy Click Here

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Frequently asked questions about adding a company listing to Site Traffic Statistics is the largest stack testing reference source on the Internet and the most visited - with thousands of U.S. and international
visitors. The Active National Directory of Source Emissions Testing supports a state-by-state listing of air quality testing firms
located in the US & Canada. Industrial facility owners & managers can submit a FREE RFP and research or "shop" for stack testing
firms prior to requesting bids. Regulatory agencies & consulting engineers recommend this site & maintain contact lists. Stack
testing firms in need of equipment and services, searching for new clients or looking at the competition visit frequently.