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The Active National Directory Of Source Emissions Testing
U.S. EPA Clean Air Excellence Award Recipient
U.S. EPA Clean Air Excellence Award Recipient
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U.S. EPA Honors ActiveSET.org
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U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 
Washington, DC

The Clean Air Excellence Awards Program, sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA's) Office of Air and Radiation, was established at the recommendation of the Clean Air Act Advisory Committee (CAAAC).
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State Environmental Protection Admin. of China
Beijing, China

The State Environmental Protection Administration of China is a ministerial-level authority directly under the State Council
responsible for the environmental protection in China.
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U.S. Department of Energy 
Washington, DC

The Office of Environment, Safety and Health is the Departmental
advocate for excellence in programs to protect the environment,
as well as the health and safety of workers at Department of
Energy facilities and the public.
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Sustainable Development 
New Delhi, India

The site was developed during UNDP sponsored Sustainable Development Networking Programme - India now being
maintained by the ENVIS Secretariat, Ministry of Environment
& Forests, Government of India, New Delhi.
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American Lung Association®
Washington, DC

This website provides timely information to public health and environmental advocates about the EPA review of the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) for ozone and particulate matter.
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Earth Vision's News Wire
Annandale, VA

EarthVision can help expand your reach by distributing your news to Web sites that receive the EarthVision news feeds. EarthVision provides news to a number of online content partners including Outside Online©, & GreenBiz.com©, & the Web sites that make up the GETF Networks. The Networks alone receive nearly 20 million hits a year.
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The Capital E Group
Washington, DC

The Capital E Group is dedicated to being the premier
provider of integrated intelligence and
strategic investment advice
on distributed energy.
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Akron, OH

Waste News reports on solid and hazardous waste management in the industrial, commercial and residential sectors. Stories are targeted to waste generators and service providers and involve legislative and regulatory activity, new trends and projects,
business news, commodity pricing and new products.
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Solar Electric Power Association 
Washington, DC

A nonprofit organization whose membership consists of more
than 120 electric service providers, utilities, associations,
manufacturers, gov't agencies, research orgs, & educational
institutions from eight countries.
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New Jersey Corporation for Advanced Technology Columbus, NJ

A private/public partnership that pools the best talents & diverse
resources of business & industry, entrepreneurs, university
research centers, utilities & gov't to promote the development
& commercialization of exciting, new energy & env. technologies.
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Natural Logic, Inc.
Berkeley, CA
Delivers strategic consulting, integrative design svcs, internet-based decision support software, plus management training, workshops, & related business svcs that help companies turn exceptional environmental performance into competitive advantage.
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Global Network of Environment & Tech. (GNET®) Annandale, VA
Provides worldwide access to timely information on environmental
news, products and services, marketing opportunities, contracts, government programs, policy and law, and business
assistance resources via the World Wide Web.
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Energy, Environment & Transportation (EE&T) Annandale, VA
Facilitates information-sharing & communication about executive
orders, policies, statutes, consent orders, & other strategies
that fit in the context of integrated energy, environment and transportation approaches.
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Virginia Environmental Business Council
Richmond, VA
An organization offering innovative programs on relevant topics for our members including networking and partnering opportunities, government initiatives and other essential programs needed to stay ahead of a changing focus for the environmental industry.
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Wildlife Habitat Council
Silver Spring, MD
WHC helps large landowners, particularly corporations, manage their unused lands in an ecologically sensitive manner for the benefit of wildlife. Over 120 companies are WHC members as are two dozen conservation organizations, plus many supporters and contributors.
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Annandale, VA
A project of the non-profit Center for Energy & Climate Solutions to promote clean & efficient energy technologies as a money-saving tool for reducing greenhouse gas emissions & other pollutants. Helping businesses, government, and environmental organizations develop technological, strategic, financial, & regulatory tools to foster the adoption of clean solutions.
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Inogen Environmental Alliance
Roseville, MN
Inogen Environmental Alliance® is a unique and innovative
business model created to serve multinational companies who
desire consistent, high quality and cost effective services
for their environmental needs.
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Renew The Earth
Annandale, VA
Renew the Earth is an international NGO that identifies,
verifies and rewards successful environmental programs from
civil society, business and all levels of government.
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CEO Coalition
Denver, CO
The CEO Coalition is a public policy organization which has brought together CEOs who share the view that environmental stewardship is compatible with sound and competitive business practices.
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Gainesville, FL
ActiveSET.org is a combination encyclopedia - directory of the
source emissions testing industry. The site is quick and easy to
navigate, puts an enormous amount of information at your
fingertips, and updated frequently.

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