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 Specialty Gases of America
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Main Office Location:
6055 Brent Drive, Toledo, OH  43611

Mailing Address: (Same as above)

(440) 622-3165

FAST-Gas 24/7: 1.877.3FASTGas (1.877.332.7842)

Web Address:


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Specialty Gases of America Offerings Include:

  • EPA Protocol Gases
  • Patent-pending PROTOCAL® built-in regulator eliminates user-supplied regulator
  • Primary and certified mixtures
  • EPA recertifications
  • FID fuel and Zero Gases
  • Gas regulators
  • Many gases available as a FAST Gas with a 48 hour turnaround guaranteed


FAST-Gas: 1.877.3FASTGas (1.877.332.7842)


Specialty Gases of America (SGA), a member of American Gas Group (AGG), is a manufacturer, importer, exporter, and worldwide supplier of specialty, rare, industrial and medical compressed and liquefied gases and mixtures, including gas handling equipment. AGG also provides technical, safety and regulatory services and consultation for the compressed gas and welding industries. AGG operates their ISO 9001:2008 and FDA registered, state-of-the-art, gas production facility in Toledo, OH and is the nation s largest independent manufacturer of specialty gases serving thousands of customers globally.


Specialty Gases of America (SGA) offers zero and multi-component EPA Protocol gases that are manufactured to meet the stringent requirements set forth by the US EPA for Continuous Emission Monitoring (CEM) and Relative Accuracy Test Audit (RATA) calibration purposes. SGA's line of EPA Protocol gases includes the patent-pending PROTOCAL ®, an integrated regulator model which eliminates the need for customers to use a pressure regulator on the cylinder, improving economics, quality, safety, and efficiency.


Specialty Gases of America specializes in rapid delivery of EPA Protocol Gases using our FAST Gas (Flexible, Accurate, Simple,and Timely) system, with guaranteed 48 hour or less turnaround available for a wide variety of stocked EPA Protocol gases. Featuring the patent-pending PROTOCAL ® integrated regulator model which eliminates customers' supply of a pressure regulator on the cylinder.

Visit Us! Visit Us!
Main Office Location: 6055 Brent Drive, Toledo, OH  43611
Phone: (440) 622-3165  FAST-Gas: 1.877.3FASTGas (1.877.332.7842)

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