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U.S. EPA Clean Air Excellence Award Recipient
U.S. EPA Clean Air Excellence Award Recipient
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Vol. 5 No.s 11 & 12 - November/December 2005    
"EPA Method 5"

1) EPA Method 5

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Do you need fast access to technical information about EPA Method 5? Use the helpful topics and links on for stack testing using EPA Method 5! You'll find links to training, workshops, EPA technical documents, field sample recovery guides and more.

2) Preparation For The SES QSTI Exams

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Walter S. Smith, the co-author of EPA Reference Methods 1-8, will lead the instruction of this hands-on workshop "Preparation For The SES QSTI Exams". The object of this 5-day seminar is to prepare the student for the Source Evaluation Society’s (SES) Qualified Source Testing Individual (QSTI) Exam I, II and III. This workshop is very intense. The purpose of the SES Exams is to find out if you know the methods in details. The workshop will center on how to find the answers in the CFR (and in the process, hopefully, you will learn the details). At the completion of the workshop, Exams I, II and III of the SES's QSTI will be administrated by ETA. Participants will receive comprehensive quizzes and other preparations for the exams. Contact Walter Smith to schedule this workshop conveniently at your location! If you do not have at least 12 students, Walter will email or FAX your advertisement to about 5000 potential students. By including outside students, you may be able to offset the cost for your students.

Walter Smith also provides a "Stack Sampling & CEMS Workshop" in Raleigh, NC. This course will assist students in the review of source test and CEMS protocol and reports. The employee will develop the ability to plan, guide, evaluate, and perform stack sampling measurements to determine rates of emission from stationary sources and calibrate and audit CEMS. The course provides detailed review of EPA Methods 1-5 and other methods that may be encountered in the analysis of air source emissions. There is a large amount of interest in this workshop; it is suggested you register early as space is limited.

For Walt's Workshop Details, Schedule & Flyer Visit:
3) New Smoke School Locations

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AeroMet Engineering, Inc. has added new smoke school locations for Lincoln, NE. Twin Cities, MN. Memphis, TN. Louisville, KY. Chicago IL. and Milwaukee WI. For their Spring 2006 Method 9 Visible Emissions Certification schedule visit:

About AeroMet Engineering, Inc. - "Conventional Method 9 Certification programs (Smoke Schools) can be a major burden to businesses and their employees. Typical Smoke Schools can span over the course of two to three days and often require considerable travel expenses. Because they usually offer a limited number of training runs, trainees who do not pass must restart the process at a later date. With EPA requiring certification every 6 months, the cost of registration is almost insubstantial compared to the lost time and productivity resulting from typical Smoke Schools.

AeroMet Engineering offers an established Method 9 Certification program that alleviates the problems of conventional Smoke Schools. Our Method 9 lecture and field training are offered on the same day and we conduct as many runs as it takes for everyone to pass. Our strategic schedule covers a large area in the Midwest , ensuring your employees lose little time traveling to the training location. Optional on-site training keeps productivity losses and downtime to a minimum. Because of efficiency, we offer Method 9 Certification at the lowest cost in the industry."

See AeroMet On
4) New Air PErmit PEople Listing

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Robert Newman, P.E., American Academy Of Environmental Engineers (A.A.E.E.)
EA Engineering, Science, and Technology, Inc. Registered States: NY, NJ, PA, VA, NC, MD, DE

The Air PErmit PEople section on lists registered Professional Engineers who provide air permit services within the U.S. & Canada. If you are a registered Professional Engineer who prepares and signs for air permit applications/revisions, place your FREE listing on!

5) SET Wire! Hot Topics

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Air quality professionals worldwide communicate together on the free SET Wire! Bulletin Board. Post questions, comments or opinions, respond to posts to help others:

Re: High Moisture Method 5 - "I'm about to embark on some "moisture testing", high moisture particulate testing also. Would it be possible to view your method and lab/field..."

EPA CFR 40 Part 86 Testing - "Could someone direct me to a lab that can test to..."

Cascade Impactor - "Does anyone have a Sierra Instruments 2210-K Cascade impactor manual that can..."

Re: Measurement Uncertainty - "Roger Shigehara and others wrote papers on errors in the 1980s. He is editor of the Source Evaluation Society newsletter. Could ask him/them..."

PM10, Condensibles - "What's the difference between a Method 202 and having the "back-half" of a Method 5 analyzed?"

Analysis At High Temperature - "Can anyone inform me what are the methods for analysis stack gases at high temperatures (around 1800 F)..."

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6) Featured Stack Testing Firms


Click Here ! Golden Specialty, Inc. (Texas) Ambient Air Monitoring/National & International Mobility/National Gold Award Website - "Provides specialized environmental products and services, with an emphasis on air quality testing. Our centralized offices located in the heart of the greater Houston/Galveston industrial area provide services focused in south Texas, but are capable of servicing all 50 states and international clientele as well. Established in 1999, GOLDEN Specialty Consulting provides environmental testing and consulting services. GOLDEN specializes in emissions testing or "Stack Sampling." Whether inside the building or out, ambient or point source, we can provide professional analysis and recommendations to improve work environments and to meet regulatory guidelines and laws.

GOLDEN is staffed by experienced, full-time professionals who provide valuable insight and guidance with your environmental issues and projects. GOLDEN Specialty Consulting has experience in the following areas: environmental engineering, industrial engineering, geotechnical engineering, manufacturing engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, risk analysis pollution prevention, power plant maintenance, emissions testing, instrumentation maintenance, chemistry, biology, industrial hygiene, toxicology, health and safety program management." Directory Profile:

Click Here ! Gammie Air Monitoring, LLC. (Connecticut) Ambient Air Monitoring/National Mobility - "Servicing the New England and Mid-Atlantic regions with over 26 years experience in air emissions measurement. GamAir provides full service emissions testing including manual EPA methods. Where applicable, manual EPA methods sampling and analysis will be supplemented with Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEM) for oxides of nitrogen, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, total hydrocarbons, non-methane organic compounds, carbon dioxide, and oxygen. We have established great working relationships with several nationally recognized analytical laboratories to support our projects. Our goal is to provide our clients with quality assured results, streamlined regulatory communications, productive pre-testing programs, informative test protocols, and concise final reports." Directory Profile:


Click Here ! ESS Group, Inc. (Rhode Island, Massachusetts) - "ESS owns and operates state-of-the art mobile air measurements laboratories. Our measurements services include diagnostic and compliance emission testing, as well as continuous emission monitoring system (CEMS) audit testing, ambient air quality and meteorological monitoring, and visible emissions observations. Where applicable, ESS can develop facility-specific data acquisition and handling systems to address compliance assessment and reporting. We also have in-house emissions dispersion modeling expertise to support air permits for construction or modification of sources, or to evaluate and optimize overall facility performance." See their listing on the Stack Testing Firm Directory:

Click Here ! Air Tox Environmental Company, Inc. (Connecticut) - "Established in the State of Connecticut to provide expert air quality management services and to assist industry in meeting the increasingly difficult challenges of today's environmental regulations. Air Tox performs a variety of source testing for industry, government, and public utilities. Our personnel perform highly specialized testing programs that involve U.S. EPA approved methods, NIOSH methods, Solid Waste (SW-846) methods, and various Toxic Organic (TO) Ambient sampling methods. Air Tox also works with state and local authorities on method development for source measurement where EPA methods are not applicable." See their listing on the Stack Testing Firm Directory:


* Best Environmental (California) See their listing on the Stack Testing Firm Directory:

Visit The Stack Testing Firm Directory:
To Place A Listing For Your Stack Testing Firm Visit:
7) Featured Services & Products


Click Here ! VIG Industries, Inc. - "Has been manufacturing, servicing, and renting Dual or Single Channel (FID) flame ionization detector based (GC) gas chromatography, (VOC) volatile organic compounds, and (THC) total hydrocarbon analyzer systems as well as other environmental emissions monitoring equipment since 1993. We provide a complete product line of microprocessor controlled hydrocarbon analyzers, (NDIR) Non-Dispersive Infrared Analyzers, and Combustion / Zero Air Generators. We offer outstanding service as well as scheduled maintenance and repair. We also provide peripheral devices such as chart recorders / data loggers and precision high-quality components for our emission monitoring equipment and for other environmental pollution monitoring equipment manufacturers such as Dyna Fid, Ratfisch, Eagle, and JUM. "
See Their Listing At:


Click Here ! Frontier Analytical Laboratory - "Specializes in the analysis of polychlorinated dibenzo dioxins and furans (PCDD/Fs), polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), and polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) on a variety of matrices. We offer analytical testing using a wide range of methodologies accepted by the USEPA, California Air Resources Board (CARB), and NCASI. We routinely meet or exceed all detection limits or reporting limits required by each analytical method." See Their Listing At:


Click Here ! ESS Group, Inc. - "For more than 25 years, ESS has provided cost-effective permitting and facility compliance programs for industrial clients. The ESS Industrial Services Team has established expertise in multiple disciplines. We can fully address air quality, wastewater, solid and hazardous waste, and hazardous materials issues for a wide range of facilities. ESS staff also have direct industry experience as environmental, health, and safety managers and regulatory agency staff. Our insight and hands-on experience ensure a practical approach to environmental management, both for new facility development and existing facility operations." See Their Listing At:


Click Here ! Air Tox Environmental Company, Inc. - "In order to comply with the CAA Amendments of 1990 as well as numerous other State and Federal regulations, many industries are required to install or update their continuous emission monitoring (CEM) systems. The experienced personnel of Air Tox Environmental Company design simple, reliable, and cost effective CEM systems to meet these requirements. Our systems are flexible and easily customized to meet the needs of our diverse clientele. Air Tox uses our experience in source emission measurement to choose the best quality components available to provide minimum maintenance and maximum data capture for your company. See Their Listing At:

Visit The Services & Products Directory:
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8) Classified Ads

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*Job Openings

Click Here ! Rosengarten, Smith & Associates, Inc. (RSA)
Ad Number: 465 Date Posted: 10/03/2005
Description: Environmental Technician II - Entry level position for a field Technician II. The position requires a minimum of an Associates of Applied Science degree in a Science related field or two years direct experience with stack sampling and/ or environmental sampling and/ or indoor air quality assessment. Applicant should be prepared to travel approximately 40-60% of the year. Salary is based on experience and education level, if applicable. Applicants should respond with a copy of their resume and latest transcript if degreed, to Vince Lara at the e-mail address provided.

Click Here ! Rosengarten, Smith & Associates, Inc. (RSA)
Ad Number: 466 Date Posted: 10/03/2005
Description: Hyperspectral Camera Operator - A position for a hyperspectral camera operator exists in RSA's technical advancement group. Applicant should possess a Bachelors of Science degree in Chemical Engineering, Chemistry or Physics and possess a thorough understanding of hyperspectral monitoring methods and techniques. Applicants should submit their resume and hyperspectral monitoring experience via US mail only, to Vince Lara at the address provided.

Click Here ! Air Compliance Testing, Inc.
Ad Number: 468 Date Posted: 10/07/2005
Description: Testing Technician Manager - Dynamic, fast growing environmental services company is building a team of talented managers and technicians to lead us into the future.
Looking for a high energy assertive, results oriented candidates with excellent people skills and the ability to perform well under pressure. Potential for career growth and compensation is excellent for those with a strong work ethic and positive attitude.
Manager responsibilities:

  • Technician technical training
  • Project specific task assignments
  • Expense and staffing budgeting
  • Equipment calibration and maintenance
  • Technician career path management

Manager qualifications:

  • Ability to manage a technical team
  • 4-years of emission (stack) testing or like environmental services experience
  • 4-year degree in science or management

If you feel you have the qualifications, experience, and the drive to succeed we need to talk to you! Please email us your resume.

Click Here ! Air Compliance Testing, Inc.
Ad Number: 469 Date Posted: 10/07/2005
Description: Testing Technician - Technician candidate must be detail-oriented, manageable, have good mathematical skills, and possess a positive attitude and team spirit.
Pay starts at about $30,000 per year with OT plus benefits.
Technician responsibilities:

  • Industrial stack emissions field data recording
  • Equipment calibration and maintenance
  • Equipment troubleshooting
  • Equipment field operation and mobilization

Technician qualifications:

  • Working outdoors (4 seasons)
  • Extensive road travel (Midwest) with frequent overnight stays
  • Not afraid of heights
  • Lift 70#’s of equipment
  • Minimum 2-yr. college sciences degree

If you feel you have the qualifications, experience, and the drive to succeed we need to talk to you! Please email us your resume.

Click Here ! ESS Group, Inc.
Ad Number: 473 Date Posted: 10/18/2005
Description: Air Measurements Field Tech - ESS seeks a Field Technician to support a variety of services including calibration, maintenance and repair of air emissions testing equipment instrumentation and equipment, as well as serving as a key component of air emissions field test teams. Emissions testing experience is a plus, but is not required. Candidates should have strong mechanical skills, a positive work ethic, and have no fear of heights. Experience with electronics and electrical systems is a plus, but not required. Salary offered is commensurate with previous testing experience. The positions include some travel, and provide experience at a variety of industrial facilities, with great growth potential within the group.

Click Here ! ESS Group, Inc.
Ad Number: 474 Date Posted: 10/18/2005
Description: Air Measurements Sci/Engineer - ESS seeks an Environmental Scientist/Engineer to lead field emissions testing teams. Job responsibilities include proposal support, field team leadership, CEMS trailer operation, data reduction, client liaison, and report production and review. 2-4 years of emissions testing experience is required. Candidates should have strong computer skills, a positive work ethic, and have no fear of heights. Salary offered is commensurate with previous testing experience. The positions include some travel, and provide experience at a variety of industrial facilities, with great growth potential within the group.

Click Here ! Western Environmental Services
Ad Number: 477 Date Posted: 10/24/2005
Description: Environmental Technician - Entry-level position. Must be at least 21 years old with good driving record. Drug and alcohol test required. Must be able to lift 100 lbs., work at heights and travel.

Clean Air Engineering
Ad Number: 492 Date Posted: 11/29/2005
Description: Experienced Stack Testers - We are in need of experienced stack testers in our Houston Source Group. Pay is compensatory to experience, and is competitive with industry standards. We provide a standard benefits package, and great working environment. Rapid advancement to Field Test Coordinator and Project Management is available for the candidate that shows the abilities required. Travel typically 50%+. Please email qualifications and resumes for consideration.

*Used Equipment For Sale/Wanted

Tim, Los Angeles
Ad Number: 470 Date Posted: 10/10/2005
Description: Used Stack Gas Analyzer CEMS -

  • Thermo Environmental Instrument Company (TECO) Model 42 mid range NOx analyzer (0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50,   100ppm) with vacuum pump inside.
  • TECO Model 10 NOx Analyzer, ranges 2.5 ppm, 10, 100, 1500, 2500, 10000ppm: $1,900.00 USD.
  • TECO 10 & 42 Various Parts. Call for prices.
  • TECO Model 43 SO2 Analyzer. Multiple ranges from 0.5 ppb to 20 ppm.
  • Teledyne Oxygen Analyzer 326RA (5, 10, 25%): $700.00 USD
  • Horiba PIR 2000 CO2 analyzer (with digital readout in % CO2) (Ranges 5, 10, 25%).
  • Servomex, O2 analyzer Model with digital read out, 0-100%, linear all the way from 0% to 100%, 1VDC output.
  • California Analytical Instruments Model 100 CO analyzer (1000ppm).
  • API/Teledyne Model 252 NOx Analyzer, ranges 25, 50, 250ppm

Airtech Environmental Services
Ad Number: 475 Date Posted: 10/19/2005
CAI oxygen/carbon dioxide analyzer, Model 200

  • 0-25% oxygen (fuel cell detector)
  • 0-30% carbon dioxide (NDIR detector)
  • 0-10 volt output
  • Analyzer is used, but was repaired by manufacturer and is still sealed in the factory box.
    $3,000 USD

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