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U.S. EPA Clean Air Excellence Award Recipient
U.S. EPA Clean Air Excellence Award Recipient
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About This System
Bulletin Board Messaging System For Industrial Source Emissions Testing

"SET Wire!" is an Online Bulletin Board Messaging System for
Industrial Stationary Source Emissions Testing or "Stack Testing"

Post Questions or Comments Related to Industrial Source Emissions Regulations,
Control Equipment, Stack Sampling Methods, Stack Tester Accreditation, or Diagnostic/Compliance Issues

Rules for Use:

No Profanity
No Inappropriate Posts (Spam)
No Commercial or Solicitation Posts

This system is a peer-to-peer forum for sharing messages on
topics concerning stationary source emissions testing.

It is not open for used equipment sales, job openings
or business opportunities postings.
Please visit the
  Classified Ads section to post these messages
or use the
RFP Service for stack testing services.

Solicitations Will Be Removed does not employ professional experts to answer questions posted to "SET Wire!". We do not verify the professional credentials of anyone posting here, but rely on volunteer's knowledge and honesty in providing assistance to those persons requesting help. appreciates the efforts of all who reply to posts.

When In Doubt:
     Contact A Professional Consultant
     Contact Your Regulatory Agency

"SET Wire!" is intended for open discussions concerning stack testing issues and topics. neither implies nor infers responsibility to the accuracy of the information provided. See our Disclaimer or FAQ's for additional information.

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