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 LEHDER Environmental Services
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Main Office Location:
704 Mara Street, Suite 210
Point Edward, Ontario,
Canada N7V 1X4

Phone: (519) 336-4101   Fax: (519) 336-4311

Web Address:

Contact: Contact's e-Mail:
Michael Denomme
Peter Pakalnis

Other Office Locations:
Western Division
9954 - 67th Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta,
Canada T6E 0P5

Phone: (780) 462-4099  Fax: (780) 462-4392

Contact: Contact's e-Mail:
Michael Denomme

Year Established:

Testing Staff Size: 13

Certified V.E. Readers: 3

U.S. EPA Test Methodologies:
1-4, 5, 5A-E, 6, 6A-C, 7E, 8, 9, 10, 10A, 10B, 13A-B, 15, 16, 17, 18, 20, 22, 23, 25A, 26, 26A, 29, 101A, 104, 106, 108, 111, 114, 308, 316, 318, 320, and 321

Other: CARB Methods, Ontario Ministry of the Environment (MOE) Methods 1-5 and Odour Testing Environment Canada Methods

Gaseous Monitoring:
O2, CO2, CO, NOX, SO2, VOC, FTIR Process Monitoring, and RATA Testing

On Site Sample Analysis/Titration:

Industries Served: Fiber Glass Insulation, Manufacturers - Automotive, Asphalt, Cement, Chemical, Glass, Plastic & Steel; Refineries - Alcohol, Petroleum and Uranium; Casting - Aluminum & Magnesium; Industrial Boilers / Turbines, Fossil Fuel Power Generation, Pulp & Paper, Hazardous Waste Incineration, Waste Water Treatment Plants, Rendering Plants and Tobacco Processing

Gaseous Monitoring Dilution Probe:

Mobile Labs: 2

Isokinetic Sampling Trains: 30

Geographic Testing Area: United States & Canada

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At LEHDER we have core competencies in three areas; Air Quality Management, Property Liability and Environmental Health and Safety Management. Air Quality Services include regulatory negotiations, applications for permits or certificates of approval, source testing, odor evaluations, dispersion modeling, and preparing / maintaining emission inventories. LEHDER serves clients throughout North America.


  • Compliance Source Testing
  • Process Gas Testing and Monitoring
  • Extractive FTIR Monitoring
  • Odor Evaluation and Solution Development
  • Development of Site Specific Emission Factors
  • Facility Permit and Approval Applications
  • Development of Source and Emission Inventories
  • Dispersion Modeling using EPA Models


  • Extractive FTIR Gas Monitoring
  • FTIR sales, commissioning and service
  • Evaluation of odor using eight person, three port panel
  • Phased approach to solution development of odor issues
  • Development of modified test proposals for specific process monitoring
  • Dispersion modeling using EPA Models
  • Area source monitoring using flux chamber techniques
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