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U.S. EPA Clean Air Excellence Award Recipient
U.S. EPA Clean Air Excellence Award Recipient
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  Priority Service

About Priority Service
If you have purchased a
FEE BASED ActiveSET.org listing or service you are entitled to receive priority service. Read on for details about the fastest service options available for your listings and services.
For quick links to all the Priority Service options Click Here

  • The ActiveSET.org Annual Renewal Service
    You will need to pay the annual renewal fee each year prior to your Annual Renewal Date or your listing will expire. Once each year ActiveSET.org will mail a renewal notice to your billing address. Simply return payment by postal mail or use the online renewal service at the web address printed on the top of your invoice. For details
    about the ActiveSET.org Annual Renewal Service Click Here

  • Where To Find Or Lookup Your Annual Renewal Date
    Refer to the Placement Confirmation Message you received when you first placed your order for a listing. Or refer to your annual ActiveSET.org Invoice for your Annual Renewal Date. For a graphical view
    Click Here

  • How To Request Updates ActiveSET.org customers can use any one of a variety of options to request updates to their listing information or billing address. Just select the method that's most convenient for you Click Here

  • What To Do If You Have A New Company Logo
    If your company has a new logo and you want it placed with your ActiveSET.org listings you will need to notify us. Please use one of the following options:

    1. Use the online
    Customer Update Request Form and include the web address where your new company logo appears. ActiveSET.org will scan your new logo from your website for you at no cost.

    2. D
    eliver the artwork for your logo with the Mail-In Update Request Form

    3. For details about the ActiveSET.org logo format, free logo policy or how to send us your logo
    Click Here

  • How To Upgrade Your Listing
    If you have purchased a listing option but want more features you can easily upgrade to a bolder listing at anytime. Place a new order for a Premium Listing, Directory Profile or Company Profile and ActiveSET.org will prorate your current account with an extended annual renewal date as credit for what you have already paid. For details Click Here

  • How To Reinstall An Expired Listing
    If your ActiveSET.org listing has expired or you did not pay the annual renewal fee, you can reinstall your listing. Just place a new order with payment for the listing option of your choice. Your order will be processed within 3-5 business days upon receipt. You will receive a Placement Confirmation Message reflecting the day you placed your new order as your "Annual Renewal Date".

    To order a new listing now Click Here

  • The ActiveSET.org Log-In System
    There are areas on this website that require users to log-in with their "Username/Password", request updates online with their "Annual Renewal Date" or modify/delete a Classified Ad with their "Ad Number/Ad Password". For details on how the log-in system works, the areas that require a log-in, how to obtain a log-in, and how to retrieve a lost or forgotten log-in Click Here

  • Request An Account Transfer
    What to do if your company name has changed:

    Option 1
    Account Transfer For Directory Profiles, Company Profiles Or Site Sponsorships

1. The transfer process provides uninterrupted access to your complimentary services, all new HTML programming, new logo preparation, revisions to your profile, and reinstallation of your new company logo. You can also request updates to your listing information or billing address when you transfer. To begin the process send us the Mail-In Account Transfer Request Form

2. Since you are essentially starting up a new account for an entirely new company a nominal transfer fee applies if your company was acquired, bought by or merged with the NEW company or your company now has new ownership. Please refer to the ActiveSET.org
Services Agreement (See: 26. TRANSFER)

3. The account transfer fee, which is far less than the cost for starting up a new account, guarantees you will not loose your complimentary linked logos and you keep the same annual renewal date. Upon completion of the transfer process, the ActiveSET.org Services Agreement for your old company will be applied to your new company name automatically. Please allow 5-10 business days upon receipt of your payment for processing.

Option 2
Account Transfer For Basic, Premium, Or Specialty Listings

1. There is no fee to transfer a Basic, Premium or Specialty Listing to your new company name and your ActiveSET.org Services Agreement and annual renewal date will be transferred to your new company name automatically for you. To begin the process send us the Mail-In Account Transfer Request Form

  • Priority Service Options
    For quick links to all of the ActiveSET.org Priority Service options
    Click Here

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About The ActiveSET.org Support Center
As we provide services to customers in both the United States and abroad, we cannot offer telephone support and
still be able to provide our numerous services at such low prices, and in many instances free. We have
found though that we can help a lot more people in far less time through the online
Support Center than we ever could over the telephone.


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