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The Annual Renewal Service
If you have purchased a listing on you will receive an annual renewal notice once a year by postal mail or e-mail. The payment due date printed on your invoice is your "Annual Renewal Date". You can pay by U.S. Check or Money Order in U.S. funds or major credit card by mailing the payment form included with your invoice. Or visit the web address at the top of your invoice to pay online in minutes (credit card payments only).


When To Use Your Annual Renewal Date

You will need this date only when you are using the online
Customer Update Request Form


Where To Find Or Look Up Your Annual Renewal Date

Refer to your Invoice or Placement Confirmation Message for your Annual Renewal Date:

Where To Find Or Lookup Your Annual Renewal Date Invoice & Placement Confirmation Message

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This Example Demonstrates
An Annual Renewal Date For February 11.


1. Placement Confirmation Message When you first purchased your listing your billing contact received a Placement Confirmation Message as a courtesy to let you know your order was placed exactly as specified. Refer to this message under the heading "Annual Renewal Date" as demonstrated below:

2. Invoice Once each year you receive an invoice from by postal mail when the annual renewal fee is due. Your "Annual Renewal Date" is printed on your invoice under the heading "Payment Due Date" as demonstrated below:


How To Retrieve Your Annual Renewal Date

If you have no record of your Placement Confirmation Message or Invoice we will be happy to supply your billing contact with the precise date. To request your Annual Renewal Date please use the
Mail-In Retrieval Request Form

Requests for account information submitted to by e-mail cannot be processed.


How The Annual Renewal Service Works

Prompt payment of the annual fee will automatically renew your services for one more year. You are not obligated to renew annually, but by paying the annual renewal fee on time you are guaranteed to receive continued, uninterrupted service. Should you choose not to renew, your listing or service will expire. You can cancel your account at any time but cannot refund or prorate cancellations.


Guide To Your Invoice

Your annual renewal notice arrives by postal mail addressed to the billing contact on record for your account (the person who first ordered your services). The billing process begins approximately 30 days before your Annual Renewal Date to allow you ample time to submit payment. To aid this process organizations can notify of any change in their billing address with the online
Customer Update Request Form

Your Invoice Arrives By Postal Mail

Invoice Front

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Invoice Back

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How To Pay Your Annual Renewal Fee accepts major credit cards, U.S. checks or money orders in U.S. funds only. Since there are no monthly fees you can easily renew each year with just one easy payment. For payment options and online security
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Annual Renewal Service FAQs

  • Will automatically charge my credit card for the annual renewal fee?
    No. will not automatically charge your credit card for your annual renewal fee. You will need to submit payment by U.S. Check or Money Order in U.S. funds or credit card by mailing the payment form included with your invoice. Or visit the web address at the top of your invoice to pay online in minutes (credit card payments only).

  • Can I request updates to my listing information or billing address when I return payment?
    YES. You can easily update your listing information and pay the annual renewal fee at the same time. Here's how:

    • Mail your updates with payment in the self addressed return envelope included with your invoice.
    • Visit the web address printed at the top of your Invoice. You can request updates
      and submit payment for your annual renewal fee at the same time securely online.
    • For more ways to request updates to your FEE BASED listing Click Here

  • What should I do if I lost my invoice?
    If you have lost your invoice and do not have the web address to submit payment online, select your listing option from the online annual renewal service menu Click Here

  • Why is my listing option not included on the online annual renewal service menu?
    You have purchased a promotional offer or a special discounted rate for your listing option. Refer to the top of your invoice for the unique web address for renewing your listing option online. Or mail your check or credit card payment to

  • Is there a late fee for overdue payments?
    Yes, you will need to pay a $25 late fee.

  • Will I be notified if my listings have expired?
    YES. If you receive a Second Notice from your annual renewal fee is overdue and your listings have expired. But you can still remit payment and receive uninterrupted service if you respond within 5 business days of receiving the second notice. It's important to make sure your listings do not expire - you may not regain the many complimentary links that were placed with your initial order, even if you reinstall your listing at a later date.

  • How do I reinstall my Services?
    If your listing or services have expired or you did not pay the annual renewal fee, you can place a new order with payment for the listing option of your choice. For listing options and prices
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About The Support Center
As we provide services to customers in both the United States and abroad, we cannot offer telephone support and
still be able to provide our numerous services at such low prices, and in many instances free. We have
found though that we can help a lot more people in far less time through the online
Support Center than we ever could over the telephone.


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