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.Weston Solutions, Inc. (WESTON)
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Main Office Location:
1625 Pumphrey Avenue Auburn, AL 36832

Mailing Address:
(Same As Above)

Phone: (334) 466-5600

Toll Free:
1-800-7 WESTON

Fax: (334) 466-5660

Web Address:

Contact: Jon Howard

Contact's e-Mail:

Additional Office Locations:

1400 Weston Way, West Chester, PA  19380
Phone: (610) 701-3944
Fax: (610) 701-3161
Contact: Wes Fritz

5599 San Felipe, Suite 700, Houston, TX  77056-2721
Phone: (713) 360-3946
Fax: (713) 985-6703
Contact: Jason Myers

Year Established:

Testing Staff Size: 60

Certified V.E. Readers: 8

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US EPA Test Methodologies: 1-4, 5, 5A-H, 6, 6A-C, 7, 7A-E, 8, 9, 10, 10A-B, 11, 12, 13A-B, 14, 15, 15A, 16, 16A-B, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 24A, 25, 25A-B, 26, 26A, 27, 28, 28A, 29, 101, 101A, 102, 103, 104, 106, 108, 111, 201A, 202, 301, 306, SW-846 Methods, BIF Methods, NIOSH Methods

US EPA Stationary Source Emission Test Methods:

  • US EPA Indoor Air Methods IP-1 through IP-10 (IP Series)
  • US EPA Ambient Air Methods (TO Series)
  • Methods included in the OSHA Analytical Methods Manual
  • Methods included in the OSHA Chemical Information Manual (CIM)
  • NCASI and TAPPI Pulp and Paper Industry Methods

    Gaseous Monitoring:
    O2, CO2, CO, NOX, SO2, VOC, TRS. We are noted for our expertise in speciating TRS compounds and non-condensible gas (NCG) testing.

    On Site Sample Analysis/Titration:
    Pm, SO2, PM10, HCl, Hg, Sulfuric Acid Mist and Sulfur Trioxide, Chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide, TRS, Formaldehyde, Methanol, Turpenes and Selected VOC's.

    Gaseous Monitoring Dilution Probe: Yes

    Mobile Labs: 12

    Isokinetic Sampling Trains: 40+

    Geographic Testing Area: National and International Bids

    International Mobility: Yes

    Ambient Air Monitoring: Yes

    Industries Served: All Industries Including - Asphalt, Soil Remediation, Cement, Manufacturers (Glass, Steel, Plastics, Chemicals, etc.), Food & Beverage, Pulp/Paper, Power Generation, Medical/Municipal Waste Incinerators, Petroleum/Fuel, Printing/Packaging, Sugar Mills, Wood Products


Weston Solutions, Inc. (WESTON) is one of the leading environmental, health, and safety companies in the United States. Our mission is to assist clients in defining and solving health and environmental and safety problems while achieving greater economic efficiency. WESTON has been providing diversified environmental management and engineering services to our clients for over 40 years. WESTON maintains more than 40 offices throughout the world.


WESTON has been providing emissions testing services to industrial, governmental, and federal clients since the early 1970s and ranks as one of the leading providers of emission testing services in the United States, offering a team of highly qualified engineers and scientists to meet your emission testing needs. Our Auburn Service Center includes a laboratory that is accredited by the American Industrial Hygiene Association and the Louisiana DEQ, and performs analytical work to support emissions testing and wastewater projects. We specialize in complex testing projects and are noted for a number of specialties such as speciated TRS, remote pollutant monitoring, Lower explosion limit (LEL) and upper explosion limit (UEL) determinations of source gas streams.


Temporary CEMS Systems Operated Remotely:

  • Remote Continuous Pollutant Monitoring
  • SO3 Sampling and Analysis in High Temp High Ash Gas Stream
  • Testing Support to Optimize Material Injection Systems
  • EPA Electronic Reporting Tool Submittals
  • Expanded Team Capacity for Large Test Programs

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Weston Solutions, Inc. (WESTON)
Visit Our Website ... 1625 Pumphrey Avenue Auburn, AL 36832 ...
Phone: (334) 466-5600... Toll Free: 1-800-7 WESTON... Fax: (334) 466-5660

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