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U.S. EPA Clean Air Excellence Award Recipient
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Frequently Asked Questions
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1) Can I use printouts of the Image Files in our stack test reports and proposals?
YES! By purchasing the illustrations as packaged sets of (10) or (20) images in PDF format
from you are Licensed to use the Image Files for your stack test reports and proposals.

2) Can I use the Image Files at no cost if our stack testing firm has purchased an Directory Profile?
YES! If your company has purchased an Directory Profile you can download the Image Files
24/7/365 from the Secure Area
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3) Are there more free services with the purchase of an Directory Profile?
YES! You can respond to RFPs, place free Classified Ads and more. To see all of the complimentary services included with a Directory Profile  Click Here

4) Can I add the Image Files to other types of technical documents?
YES! Just add a statement at the bottom of your printout crediting

Copyright © 2000  All Rights Reserved.

Please Note: Since this is a License to use the illustrations and not a "sale" there are limitations for some
applications (e.g. Do not add the Image Files to your website or any other Internet application.
retains this right exclusively). For all the details on how you may use the illustrations please read the
License Agreement before you buy
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5) Are the Image Files editable in most graphics software programs?
No. The Image Files cannot be edited. Buyers receive them as .jpg images packaged into one PDF file.

6) Do the Image Files work well in electronic reports?
YES! The low file sizes of the images range from 85kb to 133kb. Formatted as PDF, the files can easily
be added or inserted into electronic or "PDF" reports. For more information about electronic reporting
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7) Will my desktop printer produce quality printouts of the illustrations?
YES! Results will vary depending upon the quality of your printer, but most full color or black ink desktop
printers produce excellent results.
Before you buy a packaged set, see the quality you can expect from each of
our illustrations with the
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8) Will the Image Files look similar to the other schematics or drawings we have in our report?
YES! Because the logo and marks have not been placed anywhere within the Image Files, you can add the illustrations seamlessly to your report or document by printing them directly onto your own paper with a border, company logo and pagination style. To protect the copyrights of the Image Files however, the name of the illustrator and the year of copyright remain visible on the Image Files:

9) Can I get a free copy of the software to print the Image Files?
YES! Use the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 4.0 or higher. You can easily download
your own copy of the freeware at this web address:

Get Acrobat Reader
Get The Adobe Acrobat Reader

10) In our county, state or country, test requirements are a little different from the U.S. EPA's stationary source test methods. Can we still use these Image Files?
YES! Define or mention the unique specifications, requirements, or modifications to the test method within your document. Your field data sheets will also confirm that the unique requirements of your specific test protocol have been met.

11) Do I own the Image Files if I purchase a packaged set or a Directory Profile?
No. This is a license, not a sale. When you purchase a packaged set, you are granted a license to USE (access and print) the Image Files for stack test reports, proposals and technical documents. If you have purchased an  Directory Profile you may continue using the Image Files each year thereafter if you pay the annual renewal fee. For more information please read the  License Agreement

12) How do I get a refund for a packaged set of the illustrations?
Since ordering the Image Files is the same as ordering any type of software on the Internet, cannot refund a packaged set of the illustrations.

13) I paid for my order but was not able to download my packaged set. What do I do?

If you have any difficulty downloading your packaged set please contact as soon as possible so that we can get your order to you immediately
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14) Are there limitations to what I may or may not do with the Image Files?
Yes, usage limitations serve to protect the copyrights of the images. One example of this is the Image Files cannot be placed on a website or any other Internet media. Before you buy, please read all the details
 License Agreement

15) Are the Image Files suitable for offset or commercial printer output?
It is neither recommended nor permissible to produce mass reproductions or copies of the Image Files. The images were formatted at resolutions suitable for desktop printer output only.

But you CAN request special permission to produce mass reproductions or copies of the Image Files for unique applications. If your request is accepted, will send you a higher resolution graphic file perfectly suited for your purpose and even deliver it to you formatted in the file type you need (.ppt,  .tif,  .jpeg,  etc.). Please contact, include the name or title of the Image File you want to use and the application you want to use it for (regulatory, teaching aid, publication, newsletter, book, thesis, etc.). To send a permission request  Click Here

16) Can I include the Image Files on our website?
No. retains this right exclusively.

17) Does protect the copyrights of the Image Files?
YES! If you know of a company that uses the Image Files but is not included on the listing of  Licensed Users
please contact
 Click Here

17) I just bought a packaged set. Can I now use the interactive methods or any other images I
see on the website?
No. You can use only the packaged set you purchased from All written material, diagrams, tables,
photos and images, subsequently referred to as "The Copyrighted Material" on the Website
are protected by both the copyright law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code) and International Copyright Laws.

Do you have a question that was not addressed here? To send us a message  Click Here

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